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Ideal for bridal parties and birthdays, or when you just want to treat yourselves!

Lessons & Workshops

Get a few friends together and book in for a few hours of valuable beauty practice and plenty of fun! Ideal for bridal parties and birthdays, or when you just want to treat yourselves. There are various options you can choose from….

Workshops & Parties


Everyone gets personalised attention and discovers their best colours to wear for work, rest and play times. Learn how to put outfits together in colours that look amazing on YOU and light you up. Complete with record sheets to make sure you don’t forget a thing.


A fun time finding out how to apply makeup specially for your face shape or for a night out, plus you can try some strip lashes for extra glam. Volunteers required for demonstrating – who’s next in the hot-seat?


Learn how to dress to balance your figure and make the most of your assets – you can look fab whatever you’re doing! When you look good your confidence goes up, and this workshop is filled with helpful suggestions on how to look your best in all areas of your life. You’ll understand why you tend to choose certain styles, how to shop for outfits that will make you feel wonderful, and how to avoid making costly mistakes that just hang unworn in your wardrobe.

* For full details and prices just get in touch, I’ll be glad to help.

How To Apply Makeup

Learn How TO apply makeup like a professional

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National Events

Are you an organiser looking to book an exciting beauty demonstration? Any size group, anywhere, all-ages? No problem! A fabulous time for women to get together and explore how we can look even more gorgeous,

Mother & Daughter Makeover

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Wardrobe Weed-Out

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Hen’s! Birthday girl! It’s party time!

Put the music on, grab a glass and some snacks, and let’s start looking gorgeous! A beauty party before your hen night, or a birthday celebration maybe, or maybe just because us girls -