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Discover how to dress in colours and styles that will flatter your figure and bring out

As a certified Colour Consultant  and Personal Stylist I can show how to revamp your look and your wardrobe so you can look and feel great everyday.  It’s clever, but not rocket science. Just clear, basic principles that will soon be second-nature to you.

A Colour Consultation

 You’ll discover your best hair shades – PLUS, I’ll give you a mini-makeup lesson so you can see which makeup shades you need to wear! I’ll show you how it all works in the mirror. It’s clever, but not rocket science. Just clear, basic principles that will soon be second-naturto you.

Let us refresh your style, your look and show off your beauty!

Which colours light you up, brighten your eyes and clarify your skin? Confidence always looks good on you… let´s find them!

The first thing you will discover is your colour palette – those colours which bring out the best in you, and, of course, the colours you should avoid like the plague. Buying clothes and accessories, makeup and jewellery in your best colours and shades becomes easy, and you’ve always got things to wear because everything coordinates. It’s called building a ‘capsule wardrobe’.

Your Perfect Colours

Let me help you discover the perfect colours for you

Show your Style

Statistics tell us that first impressions are made within seconds of meeting someone. Undoing those decisions is no easy task. So if you have a job interview, an important meeting or event where you need to look spot on, let’s make sure you get it right.

Show your Glow

You don’t have to look drained in black – once you know how to put certain colours together and create your own special look, you’ll be well on your way to making that very favorable first impression.

Perfect Style

As part of the consultation you’ll receive a personalised colour swatch, which is great for taking the uncertainty out of shopping – you’ll never worry about whether a colour suits you again!

Shop like a Stylist

With your swatch you’ll save time as you scan the shops for your best colours and hone in on outfits and accessories that you know will look fabulous on you..

A Style Consultation

There’s no secret element to being stylish. I think it helps if you understand your frame, learn how to maximise your assets, and are willing to trundle round the shops and experiment. You don’t have to be a slave to fashion but it’s good to keep an eye on current trends so you don’t look dated, at least.

The good news is, whatever you have been blessed with we can improve the look of it quite easily! This isn’t about how old you are or feel, it’s more about changing the way you dress and feel about the way you look. All ages, all shapes are welcome : )

 Yes, it  may involve some thought and a little effort to find clothes to suit your figure, but that’s the fun part! You can even start right now. Ask yourself how this curvy lady below could avoid making the kind of mistake that can turn an asset into a liability…

The aim is to start building a wardrobe of clothes that look great on you, it takes time. The Style training you receive from me in one easy lesson will equip you for your journey of self-discovery.

Everyone has their own personal taste in clothes – we all feel comfortable and attractive in certain styles and outfits, and not quite ourself in others. This is related to our personality, as you may know, and with a little help you will soon have a good grasp of your own Personal Style.

 You’ll discover how to spot the type of clothes which express your personality without you having to say a word. You’ll also learn what is not right for you, and avoid those items when you go shopping, so you’ll save on costly mistakes which hang in the wardrobe unworn for ages because they ‘just aren’t me’.

 So you will have a clear out, but hold on, don’t throw anything away just yet… it’s surprising how some of those unworn pieces come in useful, and the old faithfuls are retired!

Be Stylish

When you know the styles which suit you, you’ll know how to make the most of yourself, and how to give the right impression at special events such as an interview or an important family occasion. You can relax without worrying about your appearance.

Feeling comfortable and stylish is certain to boost your confidence, and when you feel confident you can enjoy the moment.

Best Look

During your Style session you will understand your body shape, and why certain styles are flattering and others emphasise a problem area. Shopping gets easier when you know exactly what to look for and what to avoid, and soon you’ll have a wardrobe full of items you love to wear because they suit you and draw admiring glances!.

Use what you have

I can also  help you with a ‘wardrobe weed out’ to get your new look established, and make way for a few new items that you might discover you can wear now with your new-found confidence.

Show your sparkle

We’ll also look at accessories that will add the finishing touch to your outfit and work for you in your everyday life to add a flash of style. Scarves and hats, belts, bags, shoes, boots, all those things that we can take for granted can be key pieces in your new wardrobe.

In addition, you’ll receive hand-outs and record sheets to take home with you so you won’t forget a thing… and I promise there won’t be a 3-way mirror or pair of scales in sight!

So, what’s involved in a Style session with me?

We’ll have a chat about your life-style to discover what you need – where do you spend most of your time? At the office, chasing around at home, having coffee with friends? Do you need clothes for the boardroom, the school run, or a hot date? Or maybe you want an overall re-vamp to look good on a daily basis – help is on the horizon!.

Then we’ll move on to consider your overall shape – at this point some of you may want to exchange your coffee for a double brandy! But don’t worry, it’s completely painless and quite enjoyable actually, all part of the learning process which will enable you to look good and feel good about yourself.

You’ll learn how to balance your figure, we’ll explore outfits that will fit you in all the right places and look fab on you! This is the key to the whole process… and you’ll soon be an expert.

The Full Makeover

Be the Beautiful you

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